Journal entry 3 – Animoto

I think Animoto is a great educational tool to employ in the classroom. You are essentially creating a story through visual representations accompanied by music. It is extremely comprehensive, as it provides step-by-step instructions to making a short video. While you choose your own photographs and music, this program synthesizes both to create quite an interesting clip. Teachers or students could use this program to their advantage.


I was teaching a VCE English class on analysing the media – language and visuals. I decided to introduce this topic by showing students (all girls) a clip that chose to portray Ben Cousins in a particular light. Afterwards, we had a quick discussion regarding the power the media have in producing and disseminating information. This took about five minutes and acted as nice introduction into analysing aspects of the media.  

click here to see Animoto (or Ben Cousins) in action

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